Crisis Communications
A poorly handled crisis can undo years of reputation building, damage valuations, affect sales, and dissolve employees' trust and morale. Having an experienced communicator on your team can reverse the flow of negative information and help you ensure your constituencies' concerns and questions are being addressed with clear and consistent messages.

You can bring OBPR into your crisis planning long before a crisis occurs, or the OBPR team can mobilize immediately, drawing on years of experience, to help you manage a situation already at hand. OBPR's crisis management capabilities include immediate immersion and response development, including statements, press releases, and spokesperson training. OBPR can also act as media liaison and develop, rehearse and maintain a crisis communications program, including identifying roles, actions, and responsibilities.

OBPR has a great depth of expertise in working with companies amid volatile situations and in positioning messages with key audiences. The firm has worked with companies undergoing earnings disruptions, bankruptcies, friendly and hostile change of control situations, management changes – including voluntary and involuntary, layoffs, environmental situations, lawsuits, employee job actions, civil protests and the closing or relocation of facilities.

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